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Frequently Asked Questions

"Why didn't I get my robux?"

If you've finished an offer and robux wasn't awarded, then the offer was completed incorrectly. In situations like this, it's best to move onto a different offer and try again. It's very rare that the offer wall makes a mistake, however if you believe a mistake was made, you can contact staff in our Discord.

"Why does it take so long to withdraw robux?"

Due to Roblox limitations, it may take up to 7 days to get your robux, but can be as fast as 3 days. There is nothing we can do about these wait times, however we're constantly looking at ways to make our service faster! This is why we recommend you withdraw large amounts of robux so that the wait time is worth it!

"Is this site legitimate?"

Yes. It is. When people hear of the service we've created they instantly think it's a scam, as 'free robux' is impossible - Right? Well it's not. We've created a service which allows you to earn robux simply by completing offers!

"Why do I need to create an Instabux Account?"

The main reason was for user convenience. If you just used a Roblox username, then if your username was changed or Roblox account was banned then we'd be unable to give you the robux you earned! However with this login system, you're able to withdraw to any Roblox account. We also wanted to add a chat feature and didn't want people to impersonate each other, So we needed a much more secure system rather than just a Roblox Username.

"When I create an account you want a password. Other sites just need a Username, Why don't you?"

As we said in the Answer above, we need a unique password so that your Instabux account can be secure. We advise your password is different to any other password you use to ensure that your instabux account (and other accounts with similar passwords) remain secure. We plan on adding a lot of advanced features, so we need a much more secure login system.

"I don't want to complete offers for robux! How else can I earn?"

You can invite your friends to our platform using your Referral code, and you can earn robux whilst they complete offers!

"Do you giveaway robux without doing offers?"

Yes! You can join our giveaways here or in our Discord.

"Why can't I speak in the on-site chat?"

To speak in our on-site chat, you must be logged into an account and have completed one offer since the account was created. This is to verify that you're a real person and to try and prevent mute evasions. You may also be muted. To appeal this mute, you can contact support in our Discord.

"Why do some people have icons in the chat but not me?"

Some users such as our Staff, Discord boosters, Influencers and High Earners may qualify for certain chat tags. If you believe you qualify, contact Discord support.

"How do I qualify as a High Earner?"

The current threshold for High Earners is 1,000 Robux. This may change over-time.

"Can you add more offers?"

No. We have no control over the offers that appear on our site - the offerwall providers dictate the offers that you see.

"Will you add more offerwalls?"

Yes. We are planning on growing our service to allow users to earn much more robux.

"Will you add other ways of earning Robux?"


"Why should I use Instabux over other services?" aims to pave the way and revolutionize Roblox Reward Sites. We have many plans in store, and we're still in very early days. Stay tuned, as much more is coming.

Last Updated: April 7th, 2022