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Terms of Service

General Terms

By accessing, you (The "User") are agreeing to the following Terms of Service ("Terms"). These Terms determine the legal relationship between (us) and the service consumer (you). Use of the Service in any form constitutes agreement to the Terms. If you do not agree with the Terms, you are prohibited from using this service. You are responsible for regularly reviewing these Terms. We reserve the right to review & modify these terms at any time.

Termination of Service

We reserve the right to Revoke, Terminate, Suspend or Modify access to the service at our discression. Use, or attempted use, of this service once access has been revoked violates these terms.


The content contained in this website is protected by applicable copyright and trademark laws. Use of this content without explicit permission is prohibited.


Instabux is not affiliated with Roblox or any trademarks of the Roblox Corporation. Furthermore, Instabux is not affiliated with the Offer Providers, nor the individual offers.


You are responsible for your account, and understand that is not liable for your account or account details. You agree that you are the sole user of your Instabux account and are therefore responsible for all actions performed whilst using our Service. Sharing your account, or details that may allow someone else access to it, is a violation of these terms. You also assent that details such as your Email address submitted upon account creation is yours, and you are the sole user of the Email.


By accessing our site, you indemnify to the fullest extent against any and all liabilities, damages, and expenses arising from your breach of these Terms of Service. We reserve the right to refuse payment to users. Reasons for refusal may include but are not limited to:

  • Fraudulently completing offers
  • Offer payout failure
  • Breaching any of these Terms of Service
  • Suspension or Termination of the Service, temporary or otherwise

Some withdrawals may be subject to review. Reviewing withdrawals may occur at our discression, however in most cases will only occur due to suspicious account activity. If you believe that you were wrongfully refused payment, then contact our Support Team.


Every time you access our service, collects some essential data. By using this service, you consent to us collecting data.

Some examples of data that we may collect & store from service users:

  • Information relating to your Instabux Account
  • Your Roblox Username
  • Offers you've completed
  • Your IP Address is not affiliated with the Offer Providers. They may collect and use their own data. For further information in the data they collect and use, please refer to the Offer Walls Terms of Service. We are not responsible or liable for any data that individual offer providers collect.

Last Updated: October 28, 2021